05 August 2011

Alaura Ultra-Hydrating Moisturising Lanolin Cream

A gift from Ping, bought from her Sydney Australia trip.


Alaura Skin Care laboratories have carefully prepared this unique Cream blending purest Australian Lanolin, Placenta, Collagen, Vitamin E and Squalene in a light perfumed base.

Regular use each day will moisturise and beautify your skin. 

To use : Gently apply several times each day, and to any dry areas requiring extra moisturising.  Suitable as a foundation for makeup.

Ingredients :

My Thoughts

This white cream is very thick and has a strong sweet scent. 

As stated on the product, this cream is for dry skin and I think the ingredients are too rich for my pimple prone skin. 

I do not have the courage to apply it on my face, worrying that it will cause breakouts, so I try it on my hand.  After a few rubs, it absorbs fast into my skin as if nothing is applied.  The sweet scent stays on my skin for a long time. 

Guess I will bring it with me on my future trips to cold weather countries, where the air is really dry, that I will need a rich moisturizer to keep my face well hydrated.


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