12 October 2014

Gerber Graduates Grabbers Apple, Mango & Strawberry

 photo GerberGraduatesGrabbersSqueezeableFruit04.jpg

Gerber Graduates Grabbers Apple, Mango & Strawberry   120g

 photo GerberGraduatesGrabbersSqueezeableFruit05.jpg

 photo GerberGraduatesGrabbersSqueezeableFruit06.jpg

I find that the squeezable fruit pouch is convenient to consume.  I tried it and don't like the so weird taste at all.  It's too thick and has a kind of funny sour taste.

 photo GerberGraduatesGrabbersSqueezeableFruit01.jpg

 photo GerberGraduatesGrabbersSqueezeableFruit03.jpg

 photo GerberGraduatesGrabbersSqueezeableFruit02.jpg

We got them from HappyNest SG


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