10 July 2015

Shills POPS Body HOT

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My Thoughts

I'm kinda getting fat so I decided to try out this product.

It comes in a steel bottle and I think it has a kind of menthol scent.  I find that it's difficult to press the hard plastic top to squeeze out the foam.  And no matter how many times I press, it's only bubbles that come out.  I never see any foam.

It's easy to apply and absorbs fast into the skin, without leaving it with the oily or sticky feeling.  It doesn't leave the skin with the hot sensation.  Not even once did I have the hot feeling.

After applying every night on my arms, tummy, tights and butts, and after finishing the whole bottle, my skin didn't get firmer and I didn't get a tiny bit slimmer.

A small bottle like this finishes up real fast and is not effective at all.  It's definitely not worth buying and I won't purchase it anymore.  Don't waste money.  

Guess eating lesser fatty food and regular exercising are still the best ways to slim down.

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