22 July 2015

Redhill Food Centre

 photo Redhill22Jul01.jpg

Curry Chicken Wing + Rice  $3.50
2 pieces of chicken wing and 1 whole potato.
This is a new stall and it's my first time eating it.
I find that the curry is quite delicious, but a little cold and the chicken meat is very tough.  The rice is too soft for my liking, not nice to eat.

 photo Redhill22Jul02.jpg

 photo Redhill22Jul03.jpg

Handmade Fish Ball Noodle  $3
I'm no fan of fish ball noodle, but somehow I always like to eat it.

 photo Redhill22Jul04.jpg

 photo Redhill22Jul05.jpg

Ice Kacang  $1.50
This is my most favorite cold and sweet dessert to eat in the super hot weather.  I love it that the lady always give alot of ice and ingredients.
There was once I purchased it from the man who once in a while makes the desserts.  He's the one taking order and collects money.  He's so unhygienic.  Unlike the lady who wears at least one glove, the skinny man uses his bare hands to touch the ice and gives very little ingredients.  How can he use his bare hands to touch the ice after touching money and the table cloth, so I won't buy any dessert if I see him inside making them.  He's dirty and I don't like it.


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