24 July 2015

Dr.G Gowoonsesang Pore Deep Cleansing Foam

 photo DrGDeepPoreClearingFoam01.jpg

 photo DrGDeepPoreClearingFoam02.jpg

 photo DrGDeepPoreClearingFoam03.jpg

My Thoughts

I kinda like this cleanser cos I find that it cleanses well and makes my skin feel good.

The white concentrated creamy cleanser doesn't come with a nice scent. It's so thick that makes it difficult to squeeze it out of the tube.

Squeeze out a little of it and add some water to it, rub to let it lather to bubbles.  Apply and massage on the entire face till my skin feels clean. After cleansing, I love the feeling of my skin being very smooth, fresh and clean.

 photo DrGDeepPoreClearingFoam04.jpg

 photo DrGDeepPoreClearingFoam05.jpg


Ti said...

Seems like a very nice product :)

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