03 April 2015

The Food Place - Raffles City

After a month of renovation, The Food Place at Raffles City is finally opened.  I'm so excited that I can eat all my favourite food again.

But I am very disappointed that all the food prices have increased and there are no more promotional price for the food I always eat.

I am even more disappointed with the food I have ordered today.  They are not as delicious as before.  It's so sad that their standard have dropped tremendously.

 photo FoodPlace3Apr03.jpg

Cereal Fish Rice  $6
The price has increased.
I was given cold rice, cold egg, cold overcooked hard fish.  Everything inside this wok is cold.  Even the bowl of soup is not hot.

 photo FoodPlace3Apr04.jpg

 photo FoodPlace3Apr05.jpg

 photo FoodPlace3Apr01.jpg

Curry Chicken Set  $5.50
This stall is new and this set is at a promotion price.
How can they sell me cold rice, cold curry with tough chicken meat and not fully cooked hard potato.
I will never buy any more food from this stall again.

 photo FoodPlace3Apr02.jpg

I have always love The Food Place so much that I often crave for the delicious food and wanna eat there, but now not anymore.  I don't think I wanna dine there so often as they can no longer satisfy my tummy.


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