20 April 2015

L'Oreal White Perfect Fairness Revealng Moisturizing Watery Cream Day


My Thoughts

It comes in a very thick and heavy tub.  The lovely pink color cream has a very nice perfume scent.  Its very soft and smooth texture reminds me of soft jelly.  With a texture like this, it's very difficult to dig the cream out from the tub with my fingers.  

I apply it every night on my clean face and it makes my skin feels nice when I'm doing the rubbing and massaging, but then it's not easily absorbed into the skin.  It leaves the well moisturized and coated.  With daily usage, it didn't whiten the skin, but it does make it slightly brighter and radiant looking.

I brought it to my Korea holiday trip and applied a thick layer on my face every morning before I went out walking in the cold Autumn weather.  It did a very good job to keep my face well hydrated.


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