06 April 2015

Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Cream

 photo HadaLaboRetinolLiftingFirmingCream03.jpg

 photo HadaLaboRetinolLiftingFirmingCream04.jpg

 photo HadaLaboRetinolLiftingFirmingCream05.jpg

My Thoughts

The yellowish cream is super thick and sticky. It doesn't have a perfume scent. I find that it's not easy to spread it evenly on the face and very difficult to make it absorb into the skin.  No matter how hard and many times I rub, the cream stays on the surface of my skin.

After applying it, my face has the real uncomfortable coated and sticky feeling.  With regular use, it does work to keep the skin well hydrated and also my cheeks feel firmer too.  However it does not work to smoothen my rough skin and has no effect in softening the wrinkles as after using 2 tubs, my skin is still the same as before.

 photo HadaLaboRetinolLiftingFirmingCream02.jpg

 photo HadaLaboRetinolLiftingFirmingCream01.jpg


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