30 April 2015

H&M Orange Oil & Vitamin C Peel Off Mask

My Thoughts

I'm no fan of peel off mask.  The 2 pieces of mask are given to me by my sister.

The mask has a super nice orange scent.  It's a combination of liquid and tough jelly mask, and it's difficult to spread evenly on the face.  A packet is a little too much for the whole face.  After applying a thick layer on my face, l will leave it on till it dries up.  It dries up quite fast, leaving only a very thin layer on the skin, and this thin layer is very difficult to peel off.  No matter how hard I try to peel it off, it only comes out in tiny bits, so the best way is to wet my face and rub in circulation motion to soften the mask and then wash it off with water.

I find that It's quite effective for a clearer and brighter skin.  But it's not nice and too bothersome to use so I don't like it.



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