18 February 2014

Eu Yan Sang 余仁生 Goodie Bag

 photo EuYanSangHerbal03.jpg

A Complimentary Consultation Session Voucher

 photo EuYanSangHerbal07.jpg

Eu Yan Sang LuoHanGuo - Dates Tea  330ml

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 photo EuYanSangHerbal04.jpg

Eu Yan Sang Collagen Herbal Jelly  200g

 photo EuYanSangHerbal05.jpg

 photo EuYanSangHerbal06.jpg

 photo EuYanSangHerbal02.jpg

 photo EuYanSangHerbal01.png

I got them from Eu Yan Sang 余仁生

I'm very disappointed with Eu Yan Sang for making me go so far away to their inconvenient located Tai Seng office to collect the two products.  Since they have so many outlets all over Singapore, they should have arranged for the winners to collect them at anyone of the outlets.  It's a waste of leave, time and transport fee to go all the away there to collect two small items during my working hours.  Since they are so stingy with the gifts inside the goodie bag and also doesn't seem to appreciate and are inconsiderate to their royal customer, maybe I should stop my mother and sister to buy anymore of their products.

My mother is a member and she won a
Eu Yan Sang Superior Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar  100g
in their monthly lucky draw which she has collected it from their Chinatown outlet.

 photo EuYanSangProduct04.jpg

Besides my mother, my sister is also a royal customer.  She always buys tons of these products.

 photo EuYanSangProduct01.jpg

 photo EuYanSangProduct02.jpg

Eu Yan Sang Herbal Jelly
Eu Yan Sang Premium Concentrated Bird’s Nest ( Sugar Free )  150g

 photo EuYanSangProduct03.jpg

Eu Yan Sang Qi Zi

 photo EuYanSangProduct05.jpg


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