13 February 2014

Tiong Bahru Market

 photo TongBahruMarket01.jpg
Balachan Fried Rice  $4
Fried Kway Teow  $3
Shui Kueh  $1.20
Ice Kachang  $1.20
 photo TongBahruMarket02.jpg
 photo TongBahruMarket03.jpg
 photo TongBahruMarket04.jpg
 photo TongBahruMarket05.jpg
We walked to Tiong Bahru Market for dinner and it's quite a disappointment that many stores aren't opened.

Today is the very first time that I eat the Sambal Fried Rice from the Thai Food Store and I like it.  The sambal rice is soft and not hot at all.  It's well cooked and yummy.  But I dislike the raw and hard pieces of carrot and sour mango.


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