14 February 2014

Cathay My Movie Pass Vouchers

 photo STClassifiedsCathayMyMoviePass02.jpg
A pair of Cathay My Movie Pass Vouchers
 photo STClassifiedsCathayMyMoviePass01.jpg
Last month I won a pair of Cathay My Movie Pass Vouchers and gave them to my colleague.  He brought his wife to Downtown East wanting to watch a movie but then the counter staff confiscated the vouchers saying that they are fakes.  My colleague drove a long way down from his home to Downtown East and was asked to leave.  After writing in to Cathay, they assured that the vouchers are not fakes and called him to go back there to collect them.  He got to make another trip down there another day.  It's a waste of petrol, parking fee and time.  We are really disappointed with their bad service.  I hope I won't have the same encounter with these vouchers.


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