09 February 2014

Chingay 2014

Today was supposed to be a happy day for me cos I went to watch Chingay Parade at Chinatown.  However, my night was totally spoilt by the Aetos with their uncivilised actions and misusing their authority to mistreat us.  They're traffic controllers that love to constantly shout at people at the top of their voices, showing their most fierce faces at us, moving their arms violently towards us and blowing their whistles into our ear holes. 
A young Aetos Chinese lady wearing spectacles was the worst.  While waiting to cross over the road at Yue Hwa Chinese Products, 3 Aetos were standing infront of us.  The 2 fat Aetos Indian men were standing on the white line in between two vehicle lanes and the lady was infront of us in the middle of the vehicle lane.  She wasn't concerned about controlling the traffic, she was facing us staring hard at our feet.  When she saw a tiny bit of the feet protruded out of the pavement, she screamed at the top of her voice, step inside do not go over it, shaking and pointing both her arms violently at the feet, showing her most evil expression.  So far at all the other roads that we have crossed, the Aetos faced outwards and as long as we stand behind them they didn't care how we stand, but this one was so obsess with our feet.  Is her brain functioning well or was she just wanting to misuse her power to mistreat us.  We decided not to cross over.
Instead we crossed from Yue Hwa Chinese Products to Hotel 81.  While crossing the road, the Indian and Chinese Aetos were shouting at the top of their voices with move faster, go inside and the fat Aetos Chinese lady moved her arms violently to make us walk faster.  Then 2 young Aetos Chinese ladies came to stare hard at the pedestrians and blew their loud piercing whistles into their ear holes.  There are old people and children, so are they saying we should push our way through to make them fall and step over them or something. 
Guess the young Aetos Chinese lady at the Chinatown Point was the only nice and humane one.  When she told us to stop and wait, she gave us a warm friendly smile.  She even helped an elderly lady crossed over the road.  She was the one and only that treated us as humans and respected us.  The earlier ones that we met were simply treating us like criminals, second class citizens, animals or something.  To me, those Aetos are no different from hooligans.


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