10 January 2014

Eu Yan Sang 余仁生 Goodie Bag

 photo EuYanSangGoodieBag03.jpg

A Complimentary Consultation Session Voucher

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Teaism Brew Balance  Green Tea  2g

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Teaism Brew Energize  Fancy Black Tea  2g

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Zing Remedy Roll-On Sleep-Aid  8ml

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 photo EuYanSangGoodieBag14.jpg

Zing Remedy Roll-On Focus  8ml

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 photo EuYanSangGoodieBag16.png

 photo EuYanSangGoodieBag17.jpg

 photo EuYanSangGoodieBag02.jpg

  photo EuYanSangGoodieBag01.jpg

From Eu Yan Sang 余仁生

I would say Eu Yan Sang is a very stingy company. These are very small and light items which can be posted to the winners, but they want us to travel so far to their inconvenient located Tai Seng office during office hours to collect them.  They even want the winners to collect personally.  By looking at these cheapskate and useless things, it's definitely not worth taking leave from work and wasting the transport fee.

Since Eu Yan Sang has many stores all over Singapore, they could have leave the prizes at anyone of the stores or our preferred store for us to conveniently collect it after our working hours.  My mother is a member and she won a bottle of Bird's Nest which she collected it from their biggest store in Chinatown.  They should have done the same for us.  This shows how inconsiderate they are.  My family has spent thousands of dollars on their products and this is what I get in return.  Probably we shouldn't support Eu Yan Sang anymore cos there are many other brands out there.


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