12 January 2014

L'Entrecôte The Steak & Fries Bistro

 photo LEntrecote01.jpg
Welcome Drink of Kir
 photo LEntrecote02.jpg

Fresh Walnut Salad, Entrecôte Steak & Golden Crispy Fries  $29.90
 photo LEntrecote03.jpg

Serawak Black Pepper Beef Burger  $15.90
100% Beef Patty with Homemade Black Pepper Mayonnaise, Red Onions, Fresh Tomatoes, Lettuce, Fluffy Bun and Fries.
 photo LEntrecote04.jpg

The total bill is $53.90.

We had a delicious dinner.  After using a $50 voucher, we paid only $3.90. 
I love the dishes, except for the beef patty cos of the almost red raw meat inside.  The veggie salad is also too raw for my liking.  I never like raw food as they taste weird.
The meals come with a large portion of fries and it's refillable.  Since our tummies are already full, we didn't get the extra fries and eating too much fries will make us fat.


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