31 January 2014

SexyLook Ultra Whitening Duo Lifting Mask

 photo SexylookUltraWhiteningDuoLightingMask01.jpg
 photo SexylookUltraWhiteningDuoLightingMask02.jpg
One box contains 5 pieces of individually wrapped mask
 photo SexylookUltraWhiteningDuoLightingMask03.jpg
 photo SexylookUltraWhiteningDuoLightingMask04.jpg 
My Thoughts
This is quite an amazing mask that really works to brighten up my dull complexion.  The paper mask feels a little hard and thick so it won't tear easily.  It's soaked with alot of transparent essence and has a nice perfume scent.  It's nice that the essence doesn't leave the skin with the uncomfortable sticky feeling.  In just one usage, my face is instantly looking brighter and feels smoother.  However, the mask is kinda small.  It sticks on well to the face but too small to hook it onto the ears and the neck part keeps falling off.  To prevent it from falling off, the best way to use it is to lie down on the sofa and watch television or during sleep.  As for the remaining essence that's left inside the foil packet, I will either apply it on my dry legs and arms which it makes them smooth and moisturized.  Or keep it inside the refrigerator and use it on my face for the next few days.  With daily use, I noticed that my skin has become very much smoother, hydrated, bright and radiant glowing.  I'm loving it.
 photo SexylookUltraWhiteningDuoLightingMask05.jpg
 photo SexylookUltraWhiteningDuoLightingMask06.jpg


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