30 January 2014

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

 photo CNYReuniionDinner01.jpg

 photo CNYReuniionDinner06.jpg
 photo CNYReuniionDinner02.jpg
 photo CNYReuniionDinner03.jpg

Chilli Crab
Roasted Chicken
 photo CNYReuniionDinner04.jpg
Steamboat is probably the easiest and fastest to prepare.  That's why my family is having it as our yearly CNY reunion dinner for more than 10 years.  Besides the raw food, there are cooked bee hoon and white rice too, but I didn't take pictures of them.  The chili crab is cooked by mommy and the roasted duck is bought from the hawker store by daddy.  I had a delicious dinner that made my tummy really full, gonna go jogging later to remove some fats.
 photo CNYReuniionDinner05.jpg


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