15 November 2013

BRAND'S MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom10.jpg

Brand's MycoProtec Essence of Mushroom

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom11.jpg

It tastes exactly like Brand's Essence of Chicken.

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom02.jpg

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom03.jpg

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom04.jpg

One box has 65ml x 8 bottles

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom05.jpg

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom09.jpg

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom06.jpg

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom07.jpg

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom08.jpg

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom01.jpg

From Bubba & Mama

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom12.jpg

Bebe wanna drink it, so I gave her a little on the cap, but she vomited after that.  I will not feed her this anymore.

 photo BrandsMycoProtecEssenceMushroom13.jpg


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