15 November 2013

Garden Cats

  photo EPCat151101.jpg

Months ago I saw the friendly skinny black cat, until now it never put on weight.  It looks so cute sleeping inside a plant pot which to me looks like it's relaxing inside a bathtub.  It's unhappy that I'm disturbing its sleep.  It meowed, looked and went back to sleep.
 photo EPCat151102.jpg
 photo EPCat151103.jpg
 photo EPCat151104.jpg
 photo EPCat151105.jpg

Guess the ginger cat is hungry cos it keeps meowing like asking me for food.

 photo EPCat151106.jpg

 photo EPCat151107.jpg

 photo EPCat151108.jpg

The timid black cat seems to be really afraid of the ginger cat.

 photo EPCat151109.jpg


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