17 November 2013

Grouper Fishes

 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant01.jpg
 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant02.jpg
 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant03.jpg
 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant04.jpg
 photo GrouperKingSeafoodRestaurant05.jpg
There's a super big fish tank at the back of Grouper King Seafood Restaurant in Shaw Tower.
Today is the second time that I'm seeing the dirty huge green water tank that contains 4 super big grouper fishes and many smaller fishes.  The groupers are laying at the bottom of the tank and the smaller fishes are above them.   
I guess the grouper fishes are for display only.  I would say this restaurant is really evil for making the innocent fishes suffer like that.  Fishes are purposed to be swimming and not laying at the bottom of an empty tank.  They probably will die slowly one by one, which infact one is already lying sideway showing sign of death.  I strongly feel that they should be released back into the sea or something.
This is definitely inhumane.


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