24 November 2013


Today I have a really fun day at Sentosa.  Although it rained a little, I'm still feeling happy.
It's $1 per person for the entry fee to Sentosa.

 photo Sentosa01.png

Got a free pair of Flavours of Singapore Pass from Sentosa (Official).

 photo Sentosa02.jpg

 photo Sentosa03.jpg

 Fort Siloso
 photo Sentosa04.jpg

A black cat with a broken tail.

 photo Sentosa05.jpg

Images of Singapore 

 photo Sentosa06.jpg
The Merlion
 photo Sentosa07.jpg
Starbucks Coffee

Mocha Frappuccino Blended Coffee  $7.20
 Hazelnut Chocolate Muffin  $3.90
 photo Sentosa10.jpg
 photo Sentosa11.jpg
There are some birds and squirrels, but these two are the friendly ones.  They aren't scared of humans, coming close to us to pick up the food from the floor. 
I kinda pity this bird for not having feet on its right leg.  It walks weirdly and can't fly high.  The other birds are big and in pairs, but this one is small and alone.  It stays on the tree above Starbucks.  I hope everyone can give some food to it.

  photo Sentosa08.jpg
  photo Sentosa09.jpg
Songs of the Sea
Full Version 
Crane Dance

Full Version


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