09 April 2013

Watsons Moisturising Facial Mask - Cucumber Extract

My Thoughts
The kinda thick and hard paper mask has a plastic sheet attached to it.  It's soaked with lots of transparent essence without the nice perfume scent.  I think it smells like cucumber and bitter. 
At night, I will put on the mask on my cleansed face and removed it when it's fully dried up.  It sticks on well to the skin.  As for the remaining essence that's left inside the foil packet and plastic sheet, I will apply it onto my neck and shoulders.  The essence leaves the skin coated, oily and sticky. 

The next day, I see that my face is oil shiny, especially on the nose.  After washing, my skin feels smooth and has a hydrating glow.

I got 2 boxes at buy 1 get 1 free from Watsons.
One box contains 5 individually wrapped 30ml masks, so I got 10 pieces.


Sakuranko said...

Oh really interesting masks.
Many thanks for shre this review.


Sleepy BB said...

Thank you.

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