26 April 2013

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask 我的美丽日记 黑珍珠面膜


My Thoughts

The soft paper mask contains lots of transparent liquid essence, with a nice perfume scent and it sticks on well to the face.  Each mask comes with a plastic sheet attached to one side of it.

At night, I will put on the mask on my cleansed face and remove it when it's dried up.  The essence leaves my face sticky for a while.  After the stickiness gone, my face has a smooth coating.  I will apply the remaining essence that's left on the foil packet onto my neck and shoulders.

The next morning, when I look into the mirror, my nose is a little oil shiny and my entire face is smooth, moisturized, bright and glowing.

One box contains 10 pieces of individually wrapped 23ml  masks.


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