13 April 2013

Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated Cheese

 photo AppetiteMagazineerfectItalianoParmesanGratedCheese04.jpg

 photo AppetiteMagazineerfectItalianoParmesanGratedCheese05.jpg

 photo AppetiteMagazineerfectItalianoParmesanGratedCheese06.jpg
Perfect Italiano Parmesan Grated Cheese 100g and an April 2013 Epicure Magazine worth $14.75 from Appetite Magazine.

We collected them from ORO Redemption Centre at China Square Central. 

They don't provide carrier so I got to squeeze mine into my small bag.  The magazine is super heavy as all the pages of the magazine are made of thick paper.  I regretted collecting them cos I don't need them, so I gave the cheese away and put the magazine into the recycle bin.
 photo AppetiteMagazineerfectItalianoParmesanGratedCheese02.jpg

 photo AppetiteMagazineerfectItalianoParmesanGratedCheese01.jpg

 photo AppetiteMagazineerfectItalianoParmesanGratedCheese03.jpg


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