20 April 2013

The Food Place - Raffles City

Recently, I discovered The Food Place at Raffles City Shopping Centre that sells lots of yummy foods.
It's my third time dining there and today I'm really excited when I saw the new stall Fish & Co. Express.  I ordered the Grilled Chicken.

 photo TheFoodPlaceRafflesCity20041301.jpg

Grilled Chicken  $6.90
Grilled Chicken comes in a piece of grill chicken with sauce on top of it, nachos with cheese, mashed potato and coleslaw.

Grill Saba Fish Set  $5.80
Grill Saba Fish Set comes in a half grill fish with terriyaki sauce, soup, rice, kimchi and ikan bilis.

 photo TheFoodPlaceRafflesCity20041302.jpg

The Grilled Chicken is delicious with soft and tough meat on different part ( certain areas are over cooked ). The coleslaw tastes kind of sour which I don't like. The mash potato is yummy, love it.

The Grill Saba Fish Set is on promotion at $5.80. Its usual price is $6.50. This is the 2nd time I'm eating this. The fish is a little disappointing today cos it's a small fish with tough meat,

 photo TheFoodPlaceRafflesCity20041303.jpg


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