15 November 2012

Scotch-Brite Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponge


My Thoughts
This long lasting sponge is too big, so before I start using it, I will cut it into half.  Using half and keeping the other half.

It's a 2 sided hard type sponge, the light blue side feels softer, and the darker blue is really hard.
The light blue side is super absorbent and difficult to wash with the stiff sponge.  I find that it absorbs too much water, thus making the dish detergent diluted that I got to use a lot more detergent than usual. 
I love the hard scrubbing side.  It really helps to easily and thoroughly remove the stubborn stains, without leaving any scratch marks. 
I'm really glad that without using much strength, I'm able to scrub out the stubborn black stains on the sink.  And with a few scrubs, the foods that are sticking hard on the microwave plate are removed.  But then the bits of food stick hard on the scrub, I got a hard scratching them out with my finger nails. 

We got the Scotch-Brite® Multi-Purpose Scrub Sponges from U Family.

The busy cat is doing her inspection.



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