17 November 2012

Oxytarm 3 Days Starter Pack

My Thoughts
The white with black patches tablets remind me of bird eggs and Dalmatian Dog.
I'm sure the tablets are purposed to be put inside the small ziplock plastic bag above, but they are put in between the brochure below.  Since my cousins didn't know the process of how they are being put inside, probably they pick 9 tablets with their bare hands or something.  And the brochure isn't clean either.  It's kind of unhygienic, so they didn't want them and gave all to me.

Instead of a 3 days, I got a 9 days supply.  The smooth and hard tablets are easily swallowed with water. Before bed time, I will take 3 tablets with a mouthful of plain water.  After taking it for 9 days, my weight went down by 2kg.  Although my tummy didn't get flatter, it's amazing that with my regular eating habit of fast foods and walks, I'm able to lose 2kg.  It did make my skin glowing, but it didn't help in my serious constipation.
We got the Oxytarm Samples from SaSa SG.


Steve Finnell said...

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lissahk said...

So do you really think Oxytarm is good to lose weight?

Sleepy BB said...

I think besides the Oxytarm, I still have to watch my diet and also do some exercises.

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