24 November 2012

Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum Sample


My Thoughts

The transparent gold liquid serum has a strong weird scent.  Maybe like, bitter herbs.

At night, I will apply it on my face and neck.  It leaves my face really oily and greasy.  To avoid the development of milia seeds, I didn't apply it on my eyes.

But the next morning, my skin is not so oily and greasy anymore, except for the shiny nose.  It didn't cause me any breakouts.  In fact, my skin feels smooth and moisturized.

I find the best way to apply it, is to use a little and spread it by rubbing two palms together, and press it on my entire face, eyes and neck. By applying this way, my skin won't have the oily and sticky feeling.



| miss rhea | said...

bagus banget kayanyaaa.. *ngiler* lol

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Sleepy BB said...

Thanks for the invite

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