13 September 2011

Pond's White Beauty Cleansing Milk

Ingredients :

My Experience

This white cleansing milk has a nice perfume scent.

It comes with a convenient flip cap.

This milk will thoroughly remove makeup, including the waterproof mascara and eyeliner.

I use it every night.  Squeeze out a little milk onto palm. Apply onto face, eyes and neck. Rub in circular motion till make up is totally removed. Then rinse off with water.

To ensure my face is thoroughly clean, I will cleanse twice when put on makeup. For the first cleanse, tissue off the cleanser. For the second cleanse, wash off the cleanser with water,

When without makeup, cleanse one time is enough.

After cleansing, I will wash my face with cleansing foam.  My face feels clean and fresh.  Then, continue with my regular skin care products.

I am on the third bottle now. This one is really affordable. I bought the first bottle at S$2.50 ( I think ). Then I saw it on offer at S$1.95, so I bought another 3 bottles on different visits to the shop. Unfortunately, on my recent visits to the shop, I do not see this product anymore.


Chanel said...

Great review! I need to check this product out.Xx

Bebe said...


This is really a cheap and effective product.

The Petite Blogger said...

nice review! gona check out this product :)

xoxo jenna
The Petite Blogger

Bebe said...

Thank you

Marie said...

I love Pond's and I have yet to try this product. Thanks for the review!:D

***** Marie *****

jik said...

have to try that!!!

Bebe said...

It's a really a good and afforable product.

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