28 September 2011

Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen

Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen
Lemon Flavor
Blueberry Flavor
Mango Flavor

My Thoughts

Avalon Japanese Fish Collagen comes in Lemon, Blueberry and Mango Flavors, with no sugar added. Once I opened the sachet, the very fragrant, sweet with a slight sour scent comes out. It can be taken directly from the sachet or dilute in water.

I prefer the more convenient way, to eat it directly from the sachet. When I pour the powder into my mouth, it will not cause a mess outside it, as the long skinny sachet fits and goes nicely inside my mouth. I love pouring the whole content and letting it melts slowly inside my mouth, is like eating candy. They do not have the stinky fishy smell and taste at all. I absolutely love the sweet scent and taste of all the 3 flavors.

The latest Technology from Japan, Best Tasting Collagen Ever.

Hi-Beau introduces revolutionary AVALON Japanese Fish Collagen with Probiotics complex and anti-ageing properties.


Jel ♡ said...

i also registered to receive a sample but still did not receive it yet..

Bebe said...

You should send an email to remind them.

Should try it, they really taste nice.

kindy said...

wow i've heard of collagen for the face but i've never heard of taking collagen orally.Sounds interesting! :)

Bebe said...

It's good for keeping the skin youthful from head to toe.

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