20 September 2011

Mandom Barrier Repair Sheet Mask with Hyaluronic Acid ( Moist )


Ingredients :

My Experience

The shape of the mask is kind of unique, reminds me of Shrek. 

I use it only at night, before or at bed time.

This normal to oily skin paper mask contains lots of sticky and oily transparent liquid serum that smells like baby.  The serum will not sting the eyes.

The texture of this paper mask is soft and smooth.  It fits and sticks nicely onto my face without falling off.  

After my face is thoroughly cleansed and scrubbed, I apply my regular skin care products,  Till they are fully absorbed into my skin, I will place this mask onto my face.

First, tear or cut open the packet, take out the mask and put it on my face. Do not be rough, or else it will tear apart. Beware as not to let the serum drips all over.

Since the mask is soaked with lots of serum, I will spread it from the mask down to my neck and shoulders, massage till it is fully absorbed into my skin.

But, there is still serum left in the packet. In order not to waste it, I will cut open another 2 sides of the packet so with 3 sides cut open, I can easily dab the serum out and apply onto my hubby’s face, eyes and neck.  

During mask, I can feel that my cheeks are firmer.  I will leave the mask on my face till it dries up.  However, this mask can never be fully dry, unless I sleep in the air-con room.  Without the air-con, till the next morning, the mask is damp.   

I normally put it on at night before bed time.  After it is quite dry, I will remove it and pat the serum to absorb into my skin. Then put the mask back on. Remove, pat and put back on. I will repeat it several times. 

After removing the mask, my face has the really uncomfortable oily and sticky feeling.  Then, I will apply a hyaluronic acid cream to double hydrate and to lock in the serum into my skin.

The next day, my face is not oily or sticky anymore. It is oil free with a soft, smooth, brighter and firmer face. My cheeks are definitely tightened.

I am very satisfied with the good result that I keep admiring my beautiful skin in the mirror.


Wakako said...

Nice review!
OMG I looove this mask!! <3
Like you mentioned, this contains so(too) much serum, so I'm trying to find the best way to use it all up... :( it's a good thing that they are generous though!!

Bebe said...

Thank you.

I'm thinking of keeping the remaining serum in the fridge for the next night use.

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