02 September 2011

Daiso - Sumi Charcoal Hair Treatment

Ingredients :

My Experience

This grey hair treatment has a very mild pleasant fragrance.  I like the color.  It is kind of weird, but nice color.

It has the bottle type, but I bought the refill pack.  I will pour out its content into my own empty bottle.

After shampoo, apply half a handful of treatment onto my hair.  Massage hair from scalp to ends for a few seconds.  In order to let my hair to thoroughly absorb the nutrient, I will put on a shower cap and let the treatment stays on my hair for half to an hour.  Then rinse off thoroughly with water.

My hair feels smooth and less tangling.  After drying, my hair is soft, smooth and shining.

I cannot stop myself from admiring and touching my beautiful hair.


Rinny said...

The color of the product itself doesn't look very nice but the results sound good :D

Bebe said...

Yap. It's true.

Jones Morris said...

you’re already using charcoal as a purifier: it’s in most air and water filters. Even ordinary charcoal mops up impurities at an astonishing rate,powdered carbon

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