25 July 2011

Jericho Premium Eye & Neck Gel Sample

I received a Free 3ml sample from Jericho store.


Consists of Dead Sea minerals, age-defying ingredients, plant extracts and natural oils.  Use daily to keep the skin around the eyes and neck look young and healthy. 

The gel minimizes the appearance of wrinkles by penetrating deep into the dermis and renewing the cells.

Directions : Apply a small amount of the gel and massage gently into skin.  Allow for complete absorption.  Use daily at night.

Ingredients :

My Experience

This is a refreshing gel that keeps the eyes and neck moisturized.

A little gel is sufficient for my eyes and neck.  After a few rubs and pats, it absorbs fast into the skin, leaving it as if I have applied nothing.  Since it is non oily and sticky, I feel very comfortable applying it in the hot weather.

After a week of application, day and night, I do not see any improvement on the lines at my eyes and neck.

My Encounter

2 months later ........ my unpleasant encounter ........

One evening as I was passing the store, a shop assistant ran to me with a sachet of sample.  I did not want to take it, but she insisted.  When I lifted my hands up to receive it, she immediately brought out the other hand ( which she put behind her back ) and poured big pieces of sea salt onto my palm.  At the same time, she put her hand that held the sample behind her back.  Her action is super fast, which gave me no time to react. 

She forced me to go into the store to scrub and wash my hands with the sea salt.  I was so surprised with her action that I became tongue tied.   I walked away immediately to the toilet and throw the sea salt away.

That was the first time I met such a weird shop assistant.  She pretended to give and insisted that I take the sample.  In the end, she kept the sample and poured sea salt onto my palm without my permission. 

I really hate to rub myself with the rough and hard sea salt that hurts my skin so much. 

Now, when I shop at Suntec City Mall, I totally ignore the store. 


Lina Kim ♥ said...

fwe...that beauty assistant need to learn her lesson, if I were you I'm going to tell the manager of the shop for her rude behavior >.<

Bebe said...

I'll remember to do that if I were to meet such a weird person again.

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