05 July 2011

ChocoMarvel Drink Sample


Hi-Beau International introduces the 1st Natural Menstrual Care Product that allows all ladies to drink to your comfort during that time of the month.

I received a sachet of ChocoMarvel Drink 25g in my mailbox.

My Thoughts

I love the taste of this dark brown choco beverage.  It has the choco taste, but does not taste sweet, as there is no sugar added.

I drink it on the first day of my period and find that my tummy is less bloated or the bloating even totally subsides.  

It does relief my menstrual pain, but it is not really effective on the serious type of pain.

Maybe it should come in more favors, like the common ones, vanilla and strawberry.  As, not everyone likes choco.

As stated, it is suitable for vegetarians.

I am really proud that Singapore has produced such a wonderful drink.

To redeem your FREE sample, please Click here


Stephanie said...

I like you 'Sample' posts! Keep them coming!

Bebe said...

Thanks. I'll review some of the samples which I've used.

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