08 July 2011

Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Anti-HairFall


This formula with nourishing oil reduces hair fall due to breakage.

Directions : Wet hair.  Gently massage onto scalp.  Lather and rinse thoroughly.  Repeat if desired.

Ingredients :

My Experience

This thick pale yellow shampoo has a heavy perfume scent.

Wet hair and apply shampoo on top of head. Add water to lather to rich bubbles. Massage hair from scalp to ends for a few minutes and rinse off with water. Then continue with a hair conditioner.
After drying, my hair feels smooth. With regular use, my scalp is not itchy anymore and no more dandruff. It reduces my hair fall too.
Years ago, my scalp is so itchy that I kept scratching my head and everyone would stare at me. I started with Smooth & Silky, after a week of daily wash, my itchiness gone. After many bottles of Smooth & Silky, I changed to Anti-Hairfall and is using a second bottle now.
My hubby loves this shampoo. He used to have very oily hair with lots of dandruff and hair falling. With daily use, his hair is not as super oily as before. He has no more dandruff and less to no hair fall. Initially he does not want to use this shampoo, but has no choice as he has tons of dandruff.
He used to hate his brand.  Very long time ago, there is only one type of Head & Shoulders shampoo. With regular use of that shampoo, his hair became extremely dry and scalp hurted so much. I have the same experience too.  The old formula is too strong for us.
In the recent years, because of my super itchy scalp and his tons of dandruff, we decided to try their new formula and we love it.  Head & Shoulders shampoo will stay on with us forever.

Now, we have no more itchy scalps, dandruff and less hair fall.

I noticed when we stop using Head & Shoulders shampoo for a week, dandruff will appear.  Guess the 2 shampoos which I have mentioned do not cure dandruff permanently.  We need to use them regularly to stop the dandruff from coming back.


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