05 July 2011

Hanamei Intimate Therapy Sample Set

I received a bottle of Hair Removal After-Care Brightening Serum 5ml n 1 piece of Hair Removal After-Care Comforting Mask 12ml in my mailbox.

Hair Removal After-Care Brightening Serum

My Experience

This liquid serum has a weird scent.  Squeeze out 2 drops onto palm and apply it onto the dark areas.  After a few rubs, it absorbs fast into my skin as if I have applied nothing. 

I apply it onto the darker parts of my body which the skin there is slightly whitened.  The result is very slow, it will take a very long time for the real dark areas to be whitened. 

Hair Removal After-Care Comforting Mask

My Experience

This mask has a non oily and sticky transparent serum.  It gives a cooling effect on the skin.  A little too cold and wet to place on my bikini area, which makes me feel weird.

Placing this mask on the bikini area is really uncomfortable, even when naked.  It is best to put it on during bed time.

When I toss and turn in my sleep, the mask comes off.  I have to place it back on numerous times.
In the morning, the mask will not be on that part anymore. It will be crumpled somewhere in between the bedsheet and blanket.

This mask will be fine for those who sleep straight and still without moving.

After masking, my bikini area is the same as before.  This mask is really bothersome.  I rather apply a lotion on my bikini area after hair removal.

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