16 September 2015


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SILKYGIRL Hamper worth $30

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Magic BB Powder Foundation All-In-One  SPF 20/PA+  8g
01 Ivory
02 Natural

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Ever Bloom  09 Gerbera  5ml

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20hr Perfect Stay 20HR Eyeliner  01 Blackest Black  0.28g

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Moisture Rich Lipcolor  3.5g

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We got them from SILKYGIRL Singapore

I am super unhappy with their super lousy service and bad attitude.  The person who private message me on facebook, the way she talked is unfriendly and rude.

In the previous years, SILKYGIRL always mail the prizes out to the winners, but now they don't.  It's just 4 small products which they can simply send them out by normal mail.  It's so disappointing that they have become so stingy and inconsiderate.  Why want to make us purposely take leave from work to go so far to their IMM office to collect.  I wonder if their business is really so bad till they can no longer afford the postage fee.

We were there at their office at 2.15pm, pressing on the door bell so many times, waited for so long and nobody came to open the door.  I peeped through the gap in between the glass door and saw that the office was in total darkness.  So we went off and went back there again at 2.45pm.  The staffs have just came back from lunch.  Their lunch hour is purposed to be 12 to 2pm, but they came back so late.  Is it nice to let us waited for so long.

I private message SILKYGIRL through facebook to ask if they are working today.  After I collected it than I got a reply asking me to telephone the office to get someone to open the door for me.

How can someone open the door for me when there's no one inside the office.  I felt weird seeing the message.  I think SILKYGIRL facebook is managed by an advertising company.  If not, how can this person not know that there's no one in the office.

It's nice that they are doing the giveaway but then they shouldn't be so stingy with the postage fee.  Is their business really so bad that they can't afford the $1 to $2 stamp fee.


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