14 September 2015

Anatomicals Body Scrub

My Thoughts

This is my first time using Anatomicals Body Scrub.  All Anatomicals products come in very nice colors and they have unique scent.

I have used many different brands of scrub before, but this one is the most unique one.  The scent is a little weird, but the gel scrub is nice to use.  It's not the thick type so got to be careful when squeezing it out from the tube, otherwise plenty of it will come out.   

I use it once a week during bath.  Squeeze out a sufficient amount onto my palm, add a little water to it and spread it all over my body, arms, legs and feet, and start scrubbing.  I feel great when massaging the beads in circular motion on my skin.  It exfoliates well.  Every time after using it, my skin is very smooth and bright.  I really love and enjoy using it.  


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