11 September 2015

New Zealand Natural Ice Cream

 photo NewZealandIceCreamParagon04.jpg

2 pints of
Durian Devine
Cookies & Cream

 photo NewZealandIceCreamParagon03.jpg

 photo NewZealandIceCreamParagon02.jpg

 photo NewZealandIceCreamParagon01.jpg

Got them from the Paragon outlet.  
I'm disappointed with their service.  The two female staffs are unfriendly, got no smiles on their faces and they are stingy.  After scooping the ice cream into the cups and weighing, they took back a scoop from each of them.  This shows how stingy they are.  

I would prefer their Parkway Parade outlet's staffs that are friendly, especially the Malay lady who is always smiling, and they don't take back the excess bit.


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