05 August 2015

Primal Freeze-Dried Formula For Cats - Chicken & Salmon Formula

 photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon02.jpg

 photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon00.jpg

  photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon03.jpg

  photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon04.jpg

  photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon06.jpg

  photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon07.jpg

  photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon08.jpg

  photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon09.jpg

The nugget is really hard.  Got to add water to it and smashed it.  It looks and smells like floss.  It's still hard, but eatable. It didn't cause any vomit to my poor digestive system cat.  

 photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon05.jpg


Gotta add more water to soften it.

 photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon10.jpg

  photo KitCatCatPrimalChickenSalmon01.jpg


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