17 August 2015

Fancl Aging Care Lotion ll

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion01.jpg

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion02.jpg

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion03.jpg

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion04.jpg

My Thoughts

The milky white lotion doesn't come with a perfume scent.

I like it that it comes in a small 30ml hard plastic bottle.  A small bottle like this can last me for a month's usage.

Pour a little onto my palm, spread it evenly on my entire face and pat it till it absorbed into the skin.  It leaves the skin moist.  Besides hydration, I don't see any other effects on my skin.

 photo FanclAntiAgingCareLotion05.jpg


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