14 August 2015

Mei Mei and Ball Ball

 photo CatJRT14Aug01.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug02.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug03.jpg

I'm very happy to see them.

Mei Mei is maybe 15 years old, a shy and timid cat.
Ball Ball is a young male cat, very mischievous and has many funny actions.

 photo CatJRT14Aug04.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug05.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug06.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug07.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug08.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug09.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug10.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug11.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug12.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug13.jpg

 photo CatJRT14Aug14.jpg


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