08 October 2013

Heliocare PureWhite Radiance

 photo HeliocarePurewhiteRadiance02.jpg

Heliocare PureWhite Radiance  60 capsules

 photo HeliocarePurewhiteRadiance03.jpg

 photo HeliocarePurewhiteRadiance01.jpg

Heliocare could have mail the small box to the winners, but just cos they wanna take photos of the winners to post on Facebook, they insisted that we have to personally collect it.

 Going to Tagore Building is really inconvenient cos there's no bus or MRT to get there at all.  They only way to go there is by my own vehicle or Taxi.

The lady has a ridiculously bad attitude.  She's so forcing and demanding on how we should pose with the product.  Allowing you to take a photo is already good enough.  Please respect us, not everyone likes to have their photo taken by stranger and post on Facebook for the whole world to see our faces.


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