31 October 2013

Head & Shoulders Silky Soft Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

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My Thoughts
I've been using Head & Shoulders shampoo for many years.  It's really effective in preventing dandruff and itchy scalp.  Years back, I used to have dandruff that dropped all over the shoulder part of my clothes and my scalp is so super itchy that I kept scratching it continuously for the entire day.   The itchiness has gotten so bad that I bought a bottle of Head & Shoulders Shampoo.  After washing my hair daily with it for about a week, the flaky and itchy scalp totally disappeared.
I'm loving the thick and creamy white texture of the shampoo, with a unique mild scent.  I think it smells like some kind of fruit.  Add water to two pumps of shampoo and it will lather up to rich bubbles.  Wash, massage scalp and hair for a while, and rinse off thoroughly with water.  Although it leaves my hair feeling smooth, a conditioner is still needed for the halfway down tangled part.  After drying, my frizzy and hard hair feels soft and smooth.
In order to keep the dandruff under control, I got to use it regularly cos previously when I stopped using it for about two weeks, the dandruff and itchy scalp came back.  Now I use it on alternate days.  It's really a good and effective shampoo.  I love it.


Sakuranko said...

Oh really interesting version, I love it this brand because I use the mint version always.

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