22 October 2013

Wellness Cat Food Samples

 photo WhatsInTheBagWellnessIndoorHealthAdultCat02.jpg
 photo WhatsInTheBagWellnessIndoorHealthAdultCat03.jpg
 photo WhatsInTheBagWellnessIndoorHealthAdultCat04.jpg
I find that the Wellness Indoor Health has a really weird scent like ginger.  My cats didn't like it.
Wellness Complete Health has a nice cuttlefish scent and my cats love it.

Both are small biscuits and they didn't cause any indigestion or vomiting of my 2 cats with digestive problems. 
 photo WellnessCompleteHealthCatFoodSamples03.jpg
 photo WellnessCompleteHealthCatFoodSamples04.jpg
 photo WellnessCompleteHealthCatFoodSamples05.jpg


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