08 April 2014

Hwal Sam 28

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2810.jpg

Hwal Sam 28  Korean Red Ginseng 1200mg

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2811.jpg

This is nice to drink.  I thought it will have the strong ginseng taste but surprising it doesn't, it tastes sweet with a very mild ginseng scent.

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2809.jpg

One box has 50ml x 10 bottle

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2807.jpg

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2808.jpg

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2802.jpg

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2803.jpg

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2804.jpg

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2805.jpg

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2806.jpg

 photo BubbaMamaHwalSam2801.jpg

We got them from Bubba & Mama


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