08 April 2014

Luxola Mystery Bag

 photo LuxolaMysteryBag02.jpg

Matrix Biolage Colorcaretherapie Color Care Shine Shake  125ml
Model Co Flutter False Eyelashes  - Flirty Flutter
Sleek Make Up Kohl Eyeliner Pencil  - 198 Sugar Plum
Models Own Artstix Duo Polish  - Blue Maldives NP192 / Sea Spray NP188  - 2 x 5ml

 photo LuxolaMysteryBag01.jpg

According to their giveaway post, it's the first 300 people to take a selfie with their bus stop ad and upload it into their Instagram will win a Mystery Bag worth $100.  This is definitely untrue.  From what I see is that there are only 25 selfies but not everyone wins.  There's one ridiculous picture showing only one finger with the bus stop ad won and many that took their own faces with it didn't win.  Is a finger consider a selfie?

I saw some photos of the Mystery Bags of the other winners, theirs contain 5 to 6 items but this one only got 4.  They contain the same items, except that this one got a false eyelashes while theirs got a This works Clean Skin 5 in 1 water 200ml and a Sleek Makeup Shimmer Gloss.  I'm wondering can a false eyelashes be so expensive to replace that 2 items?  I'm sure the total price of the 4 products in the bag is definitely not worth $100.

From Luxola


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