19 April 2014

Ichiban Boshi - Centrepoint

 photo IchibanBoshiCentrepoint01.jpg
Chicken Nanban Wazen  $18.90
Crispy chicken with Japanese tartar sauce, salon sashimi, soft shell crab tempura & lady's finger, appetizer, miso soup, rice & fruit
 photo IchibanBoshiCentrepoint02.jpg
Nabeyaki Udon  $12.90
Claypot noodles with tempura prawn, spring onion, diced chicken, beancurd skin, egg & fishcake
 photo IchibanBoshiCentrepoint03.jpg
Agedashi Tofu  $4.90
Fried beancurd with sauce

Redeemed a Free Agedashi Tofu with the Ichiban Rewards Card


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