29 December 2014

Noel Hamper

Cozy Munchies worth $120
The box is big, heavy and difficult to carry.  After taking out the products, it's actually not many.  They should have put them into an A4 size bag which would be much easier to carry home.

Tower White Sparkling Grape Drink  750ml

Henaff Duck Mousse with Olives  115g
Henaff Farmhouse Pate  130g

California Creamery Nacho Cheese Sauce  99g
Wedgwood Fine Apricot Preserve  113g

Daelmans Mini Stroopwafels  200g

DV France Salted Butter Caramel Tartlets  125g
Orville Butter Popping Corn  3 bags  246.9g

Maxim's Chocolate
DV France Salted Butter Caramel with Sea Salt Candies  45g

 photo NoelHamper12.jpg

Ritter Sport Caramelised Almonds  100g
Favarger Milk Chocolate with Coffee  50g

 From Noel Gifts


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