23 December 2014

Morganfield's - Suntec City

 Morgan’s Christmas Feast   $149.90

I am really happy to get the free meal. Since the dish is for 4 persons so I invited my parents and brother along. 

My favorite is the Green Beans. The Sticky Bones is quite nice but I don't really like it cos certain part of it has very tough meat. I would prefer the whole piece to be soft meat. The Smoked Turkey Legs is what I dislike the most. I find that the huge leg is kinda of scary and it has so many tendons which make it super difficult to cut the meat out.

We went there early so it's nice to go into an empty restaurant. My mother was feeling cold as we were given a table directly under two aircon units above us. Unfortunately the tables at the warmer area are all reserved so the trainee crew Trevor served us 4 glasses of warm water. Unlike the lady who showed us to our table, she didn't serve us any plain water but instead asked us to order drinks. Trevor is very friendly, he told us what's good to eat and told us the table numbers that are at the warmer area so we can request for those tables when we make a reservation for our next visit. He also opened the plastic of the hot wet wipes and gave them to us one by one.

Trevor is such a nice guy and I am really happy with his good service. He makes me feel good and comfortable.



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